RNA Synthesis
RNA Synthesis

GenCefe Biotech provides high-quality siRNA, miRNA, sgRNA, and custom RNA synthesis services. We can design and synthesize RNA Oligos of different lengths, different forms, and with various modifications according to customer’s needs, and also synthesize RNA sequences designed by customers. The synthesis scale is flexible, including 5nmol, 10nmol, 20nmol, and large-scale production. The RNA products we deliver are all purified by HPLC, which can remove short RNA fragments caused by condensation and improve RNA purity. ISO 9001-certified facilities and comprehensive quality control reports ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

Service Features:

  • Customized synthesis and flexible synthesis specifications, we can provide large-scale RNA synthesis;

  • Experienced production and R&D team, mature RNA synthesis and modification technology platform;

  • Professional technical support team, providing comprehensive pre-sales guidance and after-sales service;

  • Strict quality control standards, ISO9001 quality management system, all products are purified by HPLC.

RNA Synthesis Case Study:

90 nt ssRNA, 5’-end Cholesterol Modification, purity>99.73%, molecular weight bias <0.05%

RNA Synthesis Service Specifications:
We provide high-quality siRNA, miRNA, sgRNA, custom RNA synthesis, and large-scale RNA synthesis services, as well as a variety of modification, fluorescent labeling, and delivery system conjugation services.

Product Name Length Amount Purification Method Turnaround Time (days)* Order
RNA oligo 5-100 nt nmol to μmol
HPLC 4-20 Please fill out the oligo order form  and send it via email to [email protected].
Modified/Labeled RNA 5-100 nt nmol, to μmol
Large-scale RNA Synthesis 
5-100 nt OD, nmol,
milligram, gram
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* Turnaround time refers to the time required to complete the production and delivery of oligos. The actual time to receive oligos needs to consider the logistics time.
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